What are the differences between polyurethane wheels and polypropylene wheels


Through this article, I will introduce the difference between polyurethane wheels and polypropylene wheels

What the two have in common
1. Both brackets are designed with double-wave disk and double-track arc shape, increasing the eccentricity of the bracket to ensure more flexible steering than similar products.
2. Both wheels are designed with circular arc mechanics.
3. Both wheels have a newly designed lock wheel core, making the wheel surface and wheel core more consistent
4. Single-ball bearings with chrome steel on both wheels are durable, flexible and easy
The difference between the two
1. Polypropylene wheels are more suitable for smooth ground driving; polyurethane right wheels are suitable for use on a variety of grounds and are widely used in various industries
2. The operating temperature of polypropylene wheels is -20 ~ 80 ° C; the operating temperature of polyurethane wheels is -15 ~ 80 ° C
3. The surface hardness of polypropylene wheels is 65D; the surface hardness of polyurethane wheels is 90A-95A