What are the basic and key requirements for designing polyurethane casters


For roll paper casters, first determine the load capacity that a single caster needs to achieve based on the design load. The load-bearing capacity of casters is a basic and key requirement for polyurethane casters, and the actual use situation is very different. Therefore, when actually selecting the load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters, a certain amount of safety margin should be left and installed in the commonly used four-wheel type For example, you can usually choose according to the following two methods: medical casters In order to meet the requirements of the hospital, the operation is light, flexible, flexible, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical corrosion-resistant, special casters.

It should be pointed out that for those cases where the casters will be greatly impacted, not only the casters with large carrying capacity but also the specially designed anti-impact structure should be selected. Choose by four casters bearing 120% of the total weight. This method is suitable for occasions where the ground conditions are good and the casters are less impacted during cargo shipment or equipment movement. Select the appropriate wheel material according to the actual working conditions of the caster.
High-precision ball bearings operate particularly smoothly and flexibly, and are particularly suitable for instruments and equipment and quiet environments; bearings made of materials are widely adapted to various corrosive media; elaborate needle bearings are still comfortable under heavy pressure; to protect beautiful floors , Please use soft rubber, polyurethane and super artificial rubber wheels; in order to avoid leaving unsightly wheel marks on the ground, please select special gray rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, super artificial rubber wheels and other non-wheels Imprinted wheels.
Supermarket casters are specially developed polyurethane wheels to meet the needs of supermarket shelves and the need for light and flexible shopping carts. Industrial casters mainly refer to a type of polyurethane caster products used in factories or mechanical equipment. It can use single wheels made of imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane and rubber. The whole product has high impact resistance and strength. . According to the requirements of the use environment for the adaptability of casters, select the appropriate model.
The wheels are in direct contact with the ground and are easily susceptible to attack and corrosion by the ground and various objects on the ground and various corrosive media in the surrounding environment. Use has an impact. Press three casters to bear the full weight selection. One of the casters is suspended, this method is suitable for the occasions where the polyurethane casters are subjected to greater impact and the ground conditions are poor during the shipment of goods or the movement of equipment, especially when the total weight is large.