What are the materials for making polyurethane casters?


What are the materials for making polyurethane casters?


There are many materials for the manufacture of universal wheels. The common materials are: nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials. Widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, warehousing, turnover vehicles, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electromechanical, dust-free workshops, production lines, supermarkets and many other industries And various fields.
According to its different uses, the bearing is divided into iron core, aluminum core, plastic core, and the size ranges from 1 inch to 8 inches. Among them, the iron core and aluminum core are generally heavy-duty load-bearing wheels, and are often equipped with brake appliances when used
Heavy-duty polyurethane caster selection: directional wheel: You may not notice that the height of the box with the directional wheel is lower than that of the box with the universal wheel. This is because the box with the directional wheel is used. There are some orientations in the box, so the box will be lower in comparison, of course, this nature and the fixed part between the wheels are relatively tighter.
Therefore, we will be relatively troublesome when it is slippery. Before installing the device, prepare the hand saw, disassemble the object and the wheel, first use the hand saw to cut the wheel around the large horizontal axis so that the wheel can be removed, and then replace the ready The screws of the shaft can be placed on the box together with the replacement wheels. The materials of trolley wheels on the market are rubber and plastic.

Heavy-duty polyurethane casters are used for the movement of heavy equipment, so the wheels of heavy-duty casters generally use hard tread single wheels. Such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels are ideal choices. Among them, forged steel wheels and polyurethane caster wheels are especially suitable for wheels supporting extra-heavy casters. The wheels of the trolley case are commonly known as "directional wheels" and "universal wheels", which are closely combined with the bottom of the box. The role of the bearings in the wheels is that the wheels can move on the flat ground, so when we buy the box, we Advocate the purchase of universal wheels or double-row wheel boxes. One is that the quality is relatively guaranteed, and the other is that it will be relatively labor-saving and easy to use.