How strong is the bearing capacity of polyurethane casters?


According to the analysis of the operation ability of industrial casters, choose high-quality polyurethane casters and high-quality universal wheels. When the top plate rotates, each steel ball should be able to touch the surface of the steel plate runway. The rotation is smooth and there is no obvious resistance. When the wheels of the casters turn, they should be able to rotate and change, without obvious jumping up and down. From the analysis of the appearance of industrial caster wheels, the selection of high-quality caster casters is used for transportation, whether it is injection molded plastic wheels or processed metal caster wheels, so the caster wheels must be round or spherical, which is basic Must not be out of round.
The wheels of the casters have a smooth surface, no bumps, uniform color, and no obvious color difference. Selection of high-quality casters from the analysis of the appearance of industrial casters. In general, regular caster factories use cardboard boxes or trays to package and transport polyurethane casters, effectively preventing damage caused by polyurethane casters during transportation.

The use of casters is very extensive. According to statistics, industrial casters are the most in demand for purchases. However, when purchasing casters, people usually pay attention to the caster material, size, bracket steel plate thickness and welding process, but ignore the bearing problem, so polyurethane casters are Everyone must be reminded that the robustness of the bearing can directly affect the bearing capacity and service life of the polyurethane caster.

Needle bearing. Needle roller bearings are mainly used in universal wheels. The difference between needle roller bearings and other bearings is that they have a low installation height, have a very low rolling resistance, and also have a huge bearing capacity.