Industrial caster brand polarized strength brand strong expansion


In the past, relying on various marketing methods, many industrial casters have occupied a share in the home market, and they are invincible. However, with the rapid development of the economy, the devaluation of the renminbi has led to an increase in the prices of raw materials and labor, the homogenization of products has become more and more serious, and the price war has become increasingly fierce.
The entire industry of industrial casters will also mature from the growth stage. Imitation and marketing replication on simple products can no longer adapt to the current competitive situation. At present, the industrial caster industry presents two development trends:
On the one hand, the industrial caster brand is polarized.
In today's increasingly fierce market competition, the industrial caster industry is undergoing major changes. Many small and medium-sized brands are being squeezed by big brands and are gradually being swallowed up, and small industrial casters are suffering. Many industry experts are not optimistic when talking about the market development trend.
On the other hand, the strength of the industrial casters brand is expanding
In order to seize more market share and increase the competitiveness and exposure of the company itself, “opening a store” has become the killer of all major industrial casters. No matter how much the external economic environment changes, the industrial caster market will not have too subversive changes. After all, rigid demand is still the main body. As long as the company has money to make, the brand has room for expansion. Although the current industrial caster industry is expanding at a faster rate, it is generally a benign development trend. Weak brands continue to weaken, while the strength brands are still expanding strongly, attracting more consumers to make money, but also make their brand performance climb.
The polarization of the industrial caster market this year will be more thorough. According to a consumer survey, nearly 70% of consumers are willing to choose well-known brands. One important reason is that the strength brand not only strictly controls product quality, but also establishes a perfect service system. It also has a unique process for the later installation of the product. Craftsmanship can help customers achieve their desire for a beautiful home. While big brands are advancing by leaps and bounds, some small and medium-sized industrial casters have been in trouble due to factors such as shrinking channels, shortage of funds, and falling sales. But no matter how differentiated, as long as it is good for consumers, it is good.