Some brief introductions about industrial casters


A castor product that is now commonly used in factories or machinery is often referred to as industrial casters. It is estimated that many people will not be too familiar with this, or even have heard of it. Industrial casters are available in single wheels made from these materials. Products made from such materials have high impact resistance and high strength. In terms of materials, advanced imports of reinforced nylon. Can be used to make a single wheel, super polyurethane can be used to make a single wheel, rubber can also be used to make a single wheel. The metal parts of the brackets of these industrial casters are easily corroded if they are made of ordinary steel. Moreover, precision ball bearings are mounted inside such industrial casters, so such precision is very important for industrial casters. The specifications of the high-quality steel sheets used to make industrial caster brackets are also different for users to choose. There are also some special places in the performance and characteristics of industrial casters. First, it is a caster bracket that uses high-pressure production. It is mainly suitable for short-distance transportation of goods with a load capacity of 200+500kg. Second, casters of different materials and specifications can be selected according to the different environments used by the user. Third, different matching industrial ball bearings and industrial roller bearings can be used.