What are the precautions for installing nylon gears?


1. In the application of nylon gear, if the temperature of the office environment is too high, it will endanger the pressure and even cause the nylon gear to crack.
2. When the nylon gear is installed on the top of the quick plug, the cross section of the nylon gear should be vertical, and the outer circumference of the nylon gear must not have scars or become oval.
3. If the nylon wheel is used for pressure test, please use the intubation tube. If the intubation tube is not used, the nylon gear may fall off.
4. Please apply nylon gears around less bending and half warp.
5. There is no need to rub or coil the nylon gear, otherwise the nylon gear will crack.
6. Allow enough capacity for the length of the nylon gear to pass through.
7. For water or hot material oil, please use high temperature resistant tap water pipes, otherwise, there will be the possibility of brittleness and cracking.
8. When nylon gears are used, organic chemical vapors in the office environment may cause the nylon gears to crack.
9. Please do not release the strain or distortion load on the nylon gear, otherwise the nylon gear will be cracked, loosened and destroyed.
10. Nylon gear drilling: Use a twist drill with a diameter of less than or equivalent to 1/3 of the diameter to make a hole, with a drill angle of 90-110°, and a speed of less than 400r/min, then immediately remove the twist drill and use tap water or saponified oil to cool After that, punch or ream according to the left and right full operation rules again.