What are the selection and characteristics of rubber wheels?


Points of choice
When buying rubber wheels, pay attention to the following points:
1. The weight that the wheel needs to bear, the purchased wheel must be larger than this weight, which increases the service life of the wheel;
2. The place where the wheels are used: smooth wheels with gloss glue, uneven wheels with thread glue, trough iron core;
3. Choose light-bearing rubber wheels for light-bearing wheels, and line rubber wheels for heavy-bearing wheels; groove-shaped iron cores are required;
4. The choice of quality. Wheels must be flexible and hard, otherwise it will be easy to de-glue and de-glue. It is cheap to buy but expensive. The trough core and wire glue must be used for the heavy load, so that the service life is long and the use is cheap. No matter what type of wheel has no elasticity and hardness, the quality will not be good.