How about the application of nylon wheel products in the field of grinding and polishing?


Nylon wheels are widely used in grinding and polishing fields. According to the material, it can be used for the surface treatment of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, cast iron, carbon steel and other metals.
Compared with the winding wheel, the application of the stacking wheel is quite different. Compared with the take-up wheel, the superimposed wheel has stronger cutting force and is economical, and is easy to install, but the line pattern is thicker, the gloss and the service life are not as good as the take-up wheel. It is mainly used for sanding applications that have certain requirements on the surface but not very high requirements. The winding wheel has finer, brighter and better service life. It is mainly used for deburring and fine surface treatment. The winding roller needs to be installed on the equipment with the flange, so there are certain requirements for the equipment.

MC nylon wheel is also called cast nylon. It uses the molten raw material caprolactam monomer C6H11NO as a catalyst with an alkaline substance as a catalyst, and together with activators and other additives, it is made into monomers to be polymerized, and directly injected and preheated to In a mold at a certain temperature, the material will quickly undergo polymerization in the mold and condense into a tough solid embryo, which is then processed by related processes to obtain a predetermined product.

Its friction coefficient is 8.8 times lower than steel and 8.3 times lower than copper, and its specific gravity is only one-seventh of copper. MC nylon can directly replace the original copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal products. MC nylon pulleys, sliders, gears, worm wheels, supporting wheels, supporting wheels, walking wheels, water pump impellers, bushings, bearings, pins, piston valve bodies, rubber baffles, pulleys, rotating wheels, bars produced over the years , Pipes, plates, etc., not only better replace the corresponding metal products, but also enable users to reduce costs, extend the service life of the whole machine and parts, and significantly improve economic benefits.