What are the brief introductions about rubber wheels?


The rubber wheel is a ring-shaped elastic rubber wheel product assembled on various vehicles or machinery. It is usually installed on a metal rim to support the body, cushion the external impact, reduce vibration, and reduce temperature.

Natural rubber, high-quality aluminum, use: abrasive belt machine, polishing machine, wire drawing machine, abrasive belt polishing machine, abrasive belt wire drawing machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, automatic polishing machine, automatic water grinder, automatic round tube Polishing machine, vertical abrasive belt machine, conveyor belt water grinder, two-wheel water grinder, three-wheel grinder, etc. The high-quality aluminum wheel is used as the driven wheel, and the rubber wheel is used to rotate the abrasive belt to achieve the cutting force In order to achieve the purpose of quick grinding, aluminum wheels are lighter, wear-resistant, and run smoothly than traditional iron wheels or cast iron wheels. After the aluminum wheels are coated with rubber, they are used as driving wheels with low running sound, low noise and stable machinery, which are deeply loved by users. Aluminum wheels can be customized according to requirements or drawings, and can be used for aluminum wheel hanging rubber (gluing), or aluminum core rubber wheel refurbishment and rubber covering