What are the performance and characteristics of industrial casters?


Industrial casters mainly refer to a caster product used in factories or mechanical equipment. It can be made of high-grade imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane, and rubber. The overall product has high impact resistance and strength. . The metal parts of the bracket are made of high-quality steel plates that have been galvanized or chrome-plated with anti-corrosion treatment, and precision ball bearings are installed inside by an integral injection molding method. Users can choose 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM steel plates as caster brackets.

Performance and characteristics
1. The caster bracket produced by high-pressure punching machine is stamped and formed at one time, which is suitable for short-distance transportation of goods with a carrying capacity of 200-500 kg.
2. Casters of various materials and widths can be selected according to different user environments.
3. Generally speaking, industrial casters can be used in various industries such as factories, workshops, commerce, and catering.
4. Different caster products can be designed according to the environmental carrying capacity required by users.
5. Two types of industrial ball bearings and industrial roller bearings are optional.