How to choose suitable industrial casters?


There are many different factors that determine the choice of industrial casters, the key is the most suitable for your use. Here are some of the most important considerations.
●Capacity: It determines the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotatability of industrial casters. Ball bearings are suitable for heavier load requirements of more than 180 kg.
●Using field conditions: choose a wheel large enough to adapt to the cracks in the scene. Also consider the size of the road surface, obstacles and other factors.
●Special environment: each wheel adapts to different working environment, choose the best one to adapt to the special environment. For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acids, oils and chemicals. If you want to apply to different special environments, Keshun high-tech polyurethane rubber wheels, plastic wheels, modified bakelite rubber wheels and steel wheels are a good choice.
●Rotation flexibility: The larger the wheel, the more labor-saving. The ball bearing can carry heavier load, and the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but has a lighter load.
●Temperature limit: Severe cold and heat may cause trouble to many wheels. If the casters use Keshun's special green grease, the casters can be suitable for high temperatures from -40°C to 165°C.